About Us

Structure Title Services is located in Coral Springs, Florida, servicing all areas in the state of Florida. Structure Title Services has a bilingual staff to address the diverse population in Florida. This will ensure not only customer satisfaction, but also a mutual and clear understanding between all parties involved in any services conducted. We work with realtors, loan officers, and mortgage brokers; however this does not mean that we do not make sure to include all people involved in our services. We work with two different underwriters; Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company, and WFG National Title Insurance Company. It is our goal to be certain that our clients are able to understand each step in the process of our services. This is why we strongly encourage you to call us if you have any problems, questions, or concerns. We work any hours needed to get the work completed faster; the employees at Structure Title Services make themselves available to work around your schedule; we are not a regular 8-5 business. When conducting any service for you, we focus on personalized attention, fast and reliable information, and mutual understanding between all parties. Structure Title Services specializes in purchases, refinances, REO’s, reverse mortgages, and short sales.

Brinni Jackson, the President of Structure Title Services, has 15 years of business experience in the industry. Before establishing ‘Structure Title Services’ in August of 2006, he worked for several attorneys, and still works with real estate attorneys. His expertise and knowledge guides the quality and expertise with which ‘Structure Title Services’ provides its services. more info