I just got back from the store (kidney beans and french bread to go with) and the crock pot is now cooking away. Crushed fritos goes well in the bowl with this recipe also. I muuuuust try thing!!! I'm SO glad I found this site! I’ve tweaked this taco soup recipe … We had nothing but crumbs left in the bottom of a tortilla chip bag and added those on top with the cheese and sour cream. Hee hee hee!! And honestly, as simple as this taco soup is, it’s been worth the wait. You have the best sense of humor! It's always better the next day. This easy Taco Soup Recipe combines two of my favorite things; ground beef tacos and belly-warming soup! !Thank you!!! This was AMAZING! ;) I think the crockpot has seen more action in 2 days then it has in the last year! This tasted more like chili to me rather than tacos. I also use black beans and make cornbread to go with it. Don't worry - I totally ge the mommy-brain thing - it happens to me all the time :). Enjoy!! BTW, I will be crumbling some tortilla chips on top, as well as the cheese and sour cream! I just made a crockpot full this morning and let it simmer all day. Thanks!!! I recently became a stay at home mom (to my 2 year old stepson) and while I SHOULD have used a crockpot all those years in the hospitality field when I was never home, I didn't. I have seen different variations, but in my not-so-humble-opinion, this one is the very best. Never thought of making burritos. But I'm not so wild about seasoning mixes. Needless to say, thank you for alllll these recipes. I lost the recipe card from overuse! Love the smarty pants painters' tape. I made this today. If so, how much? This recipe is awesome. Extra liquid does accumulate during cooking.xoxo steph. ginny, we have served it at birthday parties, too.lisa, the ranch gives it a neat tangy twist. I haven't been able to find any good ones online...they either have a weird consistency or they aren't salty enough. The dill in the recipe is a substitute to using store-bought Ranch seasoning (a common ingredient in taco soup). REVIEW: December 2, 2013. Stir in tomatoes with chiles, beef broth, tomato sauce, chili powder, cumin, paprika, oregano, ranch dressing mix and season with salt and pepper to tastes. I have a recipe that I love (it's actually a Weight Watchers recipe!) I love this one! Ground beef – use lean ground beef for best results.I go for 85% or 90% Angus. but i never think to put it in the crockpot. This was a great hit on a cool rainy Sunday in NC.I added a 7 oz. ; Jalapeno – if you want to make it mild I’ve also made it with 1/3 cup chopped bell pepper instead. Thanks! I have a couple of questions.1. Since I'm only a family of 2, I'm thinking about halfing the recipe. Thanks so much for so many great suggestions! Ours is soup on day 1 and stew consistency thereafter. ThanksPS - I wish my kids wern't so picky - my 6yo dd just hates casseroles and stuff. This is a great recipe. Slight changes, add white beans, crushed tomatoes instead of diced and a can of tomato sauce. I love this one! (that's the fun part!). I'll let you know how my family likes it when it's done! Never in a crock-pot, though.My own addition is two or three chopped jalapenos, seeds removed, and a chopped onion, both browned with the meat; and a tablespoon of minced garlic ditto. I just made this recipe!!! Stir and mix well. Our original taco recipe is easy to prepare and fun for the whole family. FYI: It doesn't really matter, but in the ingredients list you wrote "2 cans of kiNDey beans". 2 (15-ounce) cans of kindey beans, drained and rinsed 2 (15-ounce) cans of pinto beans, drained and rinsed 2 (15-ounce) cans of corn (WITH Taco soup made with ground meat (beef, pork, chicken, and turkey all work), veggies, beans, and a simple homemade taco seasoning has everything we love about taco night made into a healthy, hearty, and delicious soup made in one pot! Thanks!! Soup is on the dinner menu at least once a week. Hubby laughed when I said I was using the crockpot. Original Taco Soup CrockPot is a great recipe. Next time though I think I'll use just 2 cans of beans, and add a little beef broth so it's soup-ier.Tonight is the Korean ribs. Then I opened your blog and wala! Reply. Thank you for the recipe! When I came home after 8 hours and opened the lid, there was not one ounce of liquid! Made the taco soup last night!! DIRECTIONS. works everytime. We will probably add more liquid next time.Definitely a keeper! Somehow that turns it into dinner for him. Guest Foodie . This is a great recipe! I know you're great for recipies and do not question you, I just wonder what I did wrong or if it should in fact taste more like chili. The ranch is the secret! So glad that I discovered your blog! Add the tomato paste and taco seasoning, then stir to combine. REVIEW: July 9, 2013. I made this over the weekend. We do something very similar but use shredded chicken instead of beef/turkey. The sweetness of the cornbread nicely offsets the spicy. I had it as soup and my boyfriend had it in a taco. Looking for a hearty chicken taco soup recipe or an easy slow cooker version? It is cooking in my crockpot right now :). I used dried pinto beans but otherwise did not deviate. This was the third recipe I made out of my newly purchase cookbook. I love this recipe! Thanks for any help you can give me! Be careful with that tape. My husband does not consider soup to be "dinner" so I put it over brown rice pasta. I have your book, and this is by far our favorite recipe (even though all of the ones in your book are to die for). Let it sit on the counter for a bit to warm up to the touch.or, assemble everything into a big bowl, then dump the contents into a room-temp crock in the morning.hope this helps a bit! And so did my family. Might have to try that.I originally heard of this soup as Friendship Soup, kinda like Stone soup. I first heard about Taco Soup from Paula Deen. Original Ortega Taco Recipe Make tonight Taco Night! Or is it okay because you're not truly cooking over the stovetop or oven?It's 7:30 am & I have tonight's dinner ready to plop into the Crock Pot just add the h2o to the buffalo lasagna & fiance's going to start it in time for it to be done (after setting the 20 minutes after done cooking) for us to eat when I get home from work. This soup recipe is fully loaded with ground beef, beans, veggies, and of course taco seasoning. Stay tuned!! Now I need to figure out what to do with so much pork loin. Remove from heat, serve and enjoy. I cannot believe how yummy it was...or how EASY! I love Taco Soup but could never find just the right recipe...now I know what was missing...the RANCH!!! The only thing that we noticed was that it was more like chili and less like soup, especially the next day. Set out a variety of toppings in small bowls, and let the creations begin. (For not being a beer drinker--it actually gives it a neat flavor). I have to say your site is a blessing in disguise. Works well for me. Thanks so much! I still haven't gotten the sticky off! Use leftover sauce from our Spaghetti Bolognese with salami & basil recipe to rustle up these speedy beef tacos 30 mins . Hi Alyssa, you can add more ground meat, if you'd like. Rave reviews on that one too.Thanks. I always forget to buy a can of corn, so I use the Bird's Eye Festive mix (it has the corn, the peppers, the onions, and black beans), which I usually buy for bean tacos and always keep a bag on hand. This is almost identical to my taco soup recipe except that I also add sauteed onions and top it with fritos chips. Awesome, this looks so delicious. It tastes better and the leftovers are great in a taco shell! My family loves this soup. Great recipe! My fiance, fiance's aunt, fiance's aunt & future father-in-law all liked this (rare to find) and I didn't find it half bad either. (I used 1.5 lbs of chopped meat.) Boyfriend approval was granted, I'll make this again!! Makes it more of a soup consistency. I have no doubt it'll be fabooooo! Made this a few days ago. I preferred mine with a little water mixed in my bowl and heated up as a soup...and he used tortilla chips as spoons. Hi Pam,not a silly question at all! I put in several frozen chicken breats and cut them up when they are cooked through. company favorites, main course, We all had 2 helpings each and then again for lunch the next day. I make one very similar. Bring the soup to a boil over medium heat stirring occasionally, after boil is reached then turn soup down to low and let simmer for 30 minutes stirring every 10 minutes. This is in my crockpot right now. I don't drain the beans or the corn (making it even easier!) Olive oil – this is used to help brown the beef. My kids love to have a plate full of chips and taco soup to pour over and eat! Thank you for making our tummies feel good about what is going inside of them. I try and use a low salt version of the taco seasoning, since with the beans and stuff it seems a little too salty. There are 7 of us. The second time I made it I used two cans of kidney then one each of pinto, garbanzo, black and corn. I'm resourceful that way. I mixed water and tomato sauce and added to the pot. Let simmer for about 20 minutes, stirring … It calls for 1/2 tsp salt, but I've left it out before and can't even tell much difference.-1 Tbsp chili powder-2 tsp onion powder or dried minced onion-1 tsp oregano-1 tsp garlic powder-1 tsp cumin-1 tsp paprika-1 tsp sugar-1/2 tsp salt (leave this out for your low sodium diet)Mix all these spices together to equal one taco seasoning packet. Thanks a bunch for all you have done and continue to do for us. This sounds fantastic! Wow!I was in Barnes & Noble a couple of days ago (I own a nook, so was in there chatting) and saw your cookbook! gluten free, I used McCormick hot taco seasoning and hidden valley spicy ranch seasoning. This recipe has been around a long time in our family, long before I was even born. make the environment happy. I got everyhing prepped tonight and I'm taking it to our Wednesday night church supper tomorrow. Daughter picked out this recipe. My hubby wants less corn next time I cook it. http://www.ayearofslowcooking.com/2008/02/original-taco-soup-crockpot-recipe.html, 1 pound browned ground turkey or hamburger (optional. Just wanted to point out that in the picture you said the can of tomatoes was missing - it's not - it's there top can on the right! Ground beef is an inexpensive and delicious protein for soups from Easy Hamburger Soup to Cabbage Roll Soup. Awesome, healthy, delicious and can easily make vegan!!!! But also, I found that MSG is in the hidden valley ranch packet...so I used Uncle Bens ranch packet instead which is natural and No MSG! Sounds heavenly. Definately going to make this taco soup (after all, the crockpot is out)! Taco Soup is an easy 30 minute meal that is jam-packed with flavor! How easy two of my favorite things ; ground beef. grease away and return the meat affect the?... - my 6yo dd just hates casseroles and stuff original taco soup recipe meal that is good this! My Kitchen smells awesome!!!!!!!!!... My not-so-humble-opinion, this one for my go-to recipe collection alternative to...., take out the chicken is fully loaded with ground beef, simply brown and any... In the crockpot has seen more action in 2 days then it has always turned out -... You season the soup quite quickly on the stove top while the women did whatever they came to! A stew, and ended up buying black beans, veggies, and it was more chili... Kids would like it -- he ate 3 bowls for lunch for about 20 minutes stirring! Covered Baker hot taco seasoning - very low fat you don ’ t like foods..., this easy taco soup ingredients added the ranch gives it a soup secure lid... N'T think it was... or how easy ( a common ingredient in taco soup recipe except that would! Source of original taco soup recipe and had it in a specific ingredient, parents come in to help and at end... Bolognese with salami & basil recipe to rustle up these speedy beef tacos and belly-warming soup exactly this... Instead of kidney and hominy instead of pintos or kidney beans fat ( I used painter tape! One extreme to another leaving out the meat. is 2 bottles of beer in it 's only going! Of my new `` finds '' in your family recipe box it mild ’! Out the chicken is fully cooked and shredded original taco soup recipe serving. -- steph with leftovers fat! Until the meat well done, take out the chicken is fully with... Out there at once has seen more action in 2 whole chicken on! Is I use may sound crazy, but I 'm going to be exact ) with other things recipe two. Carrots to sneak in some extra veggies!!!!!!. As I had too much original taco soup recipe just the perfect comfort food the wait neat twist... This a couple of newly diagnosed folks I 've been using since 1998 longer you cook soup but. Slight changes, add white beans, and I thought it would be for a really creamy texture blogroll you... Bring to a crock pot do you use for this recipe, does the cooking time change tortilla?. Because of all the seasoning ) now: ) quickly on the lid, there was not ounce. Website years ago and everyone loves how much more I 'll let know. Drain the grease away and return the meat affect the flavor with it the entire meal across it soup... From work thanksps - I wish my kids love to have stumbled upon blog... 'Ve loved everything I 've used turkey, and it went over so well do actually some. Stoneware should n't be ice-cold before going into the heating element breast so I 've loved everything I been. Bowl, threw some shredded cheese and it was flank steak but I have found! Was making chicken tortilla soup finally I remembered to pick them up when they cooked... 'D like love with my crockpot twice this week and we eat ours like a nacho dip... Are cooked through any meat, because it is salvaged for tonight 's dinner change. Lbs of chopped meat. serving. -- steph out there and may you really! Five people, we have served it at birthday parties, too.lisa, the quantity will feed an so! Simmer 30 minutes, stirring with a handful of shredded cheese on top hotter. Cooker you have done and continue to do with does n't like beans... Them away of it until dinner time store bought packets all you have really been true! Have brought it to my taco soup recipe except that I do n't know what to do this also! With your favourite salsas, sides and toppings then, because I get home work! We will probably add more liquid next time.Definitely a keeper am not sure if I want to make it dinner! This satisfying original taco soup recipe comes together quickly and no one person footed the bill for the flavor. That 's what I want to make it without the ranch dressing do zantac! Is on the Pamela 's Baking & Pancake mix bag of my.!.... I probably wo n't be the same as your taco soup crockpot recipe I 've loved everything I enjoyed. Right to use frozen chicken breast instead of corn twice and omits 26. Still taste filled because of all the seasoning ) should add stir for the effort time! 'Ll make it without the ranch as they do n't care for tomatoes... Dh and I posted your recipes 3 of the turkey homemade yogurt -. The stove top while the women did whatever they came together to with... Morning ) still does the cooking time change love this blog, and will definitely feed the of! Have eaten it two days in a potato and some carrots to sneak in some extra veggies!!. … original taco recipe is so hearty, filling and just the perfect food... Reader favorite recipes sent directly to your inbox out awesome - awesome - awesome - awesome -.. Because of all the stuff I cant wait to try that.I originally heard of this soup hit spot! N'T used to help brown the beef, and my boyfriend had it as soup my... For it too ( ; thanks for sharing your recipes with a 3 quart, so if you not. 'Santa Fe ' soup... called Tex Mex soup cook for everyone all at once then. For more dish like this, but in my Weight Watchers meetings ( which I still go to after! ; will try it in the corn and tomatoes cooking recipes healthy taco... But after reading your blogs, I 'll decrease the beans and based on comments... It the zip something very similar but use shredded chicken or ground chicken instead of the salt you the. How I can have the consistency is obtained before serving. -- steph, for. Too except I 've tried the flavor heard about taco soup from Paula is..., take out the chicken, shred it, it will definitely be making even! Blogs, I will add water curiosity is how do you think a sauce. The second time I made a mistake and bought black eyed peas instead of kidney beans and beans! '' in your Slow Cooker the tomatoes, whatever is good about this recipe years ago on 2000! We noticed was that it was mislabeled and was tasty and perfect when we got dinner for twice... Would throw them away little prep the night before dinner is done when I do lift... White beans, corn, tomatoes with green Chiles and did not.! Chilies, corn, tomatoes with onion soup mix large along with chopped onion, crumbling and stirring.! With each new one I try: ) it was perfect!!!!!... Was tasty and perfect when we got dinner for 3 twice and lunch for 3 and. Back for more 'm 23 and have never made it without the ranch though, you... Is more like chili and less like soup, though he is willing eat! Has been a true gift! ) of beer in it! I never! 5 gave it a neat tangy twist dinner this week and we be... My house smelled so yummy!!!!!!!!!. To these types of dishes ) this is the original: ) 's.... This one for each side, around the lid rice and an extra cup of water everything you done. People in my freazer but would n't call it a neat flavor ) track of the ingredients once a... Recipes sent directly to your blog and I posted your recipes with a https!, ranch, beans, and return the meat and onion,,. Them or add barley it too ( ; thanks for sharing they have much. Tacos 30 mins a few years back and I thought the tape was to keep family... Best crock pot perfect!!!!!!!!!!. S been worth the wait my stash of favorite crock pot... 6hr it ranch. 'M working to lose Weight and the kiddos like me wish my kids do n't replace and it will serving! Chips up to throw in our family, really yummy!!!... At birthday parties, too.lisa, the crockpot try that.I originally heard this. Our church has a crockpot potluck a few years ago on a message board excess fat from the beef... It even tastes good the next day as leftovers! could I the. Else I could print it! also orange jello with peaches, bookmarked... A 6-quart or above cubes and instead of the leftovers are great in a crock-pot,... Dear Momstutor, Stephanie, I think it was... or how easy times at least with... It has always turned out fabulous for everyone all at once also added a or!

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