The complaint and consent decree follow FDA’s July 2019 administrative decision to suspend the defendants’ food facility registration. The jury also determined that defendant Forrest Baker had authority to control the corporate defendants and participated in their practices and was therefore personally responsible for the violations. Contract disputes occur when one or more parties who signed a contract cannot … From January 2013 through July 2013, Long created and deposited more than 750,000 remotely-created checks, totaling more than $22 million and drawn on the bank accounts of unwitting victims. On June 6, 2018, the United States filed a civil action seeking to enjoin Innovative BioDefense, Inc., of Lake Forest, California and its CEO, Colette Cozean, from distributing “Zylast” antiseptic hand sanitizer products that are unapproved new drugs under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. The court sentenced Bearden to five months’ imprisonment followed by three years of supervised release, the first five months of which will be home detention. Victims never received any lottery winnings and lost more than $150,000. Medical Device Maker Pleads Guilty to Misbranding and Agrees to Pay $36 Million to Resolve Criminal Liability and False Claims Act AllegationsUnited States v. Biocompatibles, Inc.Press ReleaseDocket Number: 1:16-MJ-00710 (D.D.C.). For more information, see the Press Release dated May 1, 2020. One of Robinson’s co-conspirators, the title clerk who issued many of the fraudulent titles, was sentenced to five years of probation with 12 months of home detention in September 2016. According to the indictment, the aegeline-containing product was associated with a 2013 outbreak of severe liver injuries before being pulled from the market. Docket Number: 2:18-CR-0046 (E.D.N.Y.). NameCheap, Inc., the company that registered the fraudulent website on the defendant’s behalf, took down the site within hours of receiving the TRO entered by U.S. District Judge Robert Pitman. Civil Court Cases When you sue someone for damages, such as in an assault or defamation suit, you are engaging in a civil court action. On January 13, 2020, the district court entered a consent decree of permanent injunction against Home Style Foods, Inc., its president, Michael J. Kowalski, and the company’s quality manager, Juan Valesquez. Baxter Healthcare Corporation Agrees to Pay More Than $18 Million for Failing to Follow Good Manufacturing PracticesUnited States v. Baxter Healthcare Corporation Press ReleaseDocket Number: 1:17-CV-0015 (W.D.N.C.). On June 5, 2017, the U.S. District Court for the Central District of Illinois ordered Dish Network, LLC to pay $280 million in civil penalties and damages to the United States and the states of California, Illinois, North Carolina, and Ohio in connection with more than 100 million illegal telemarketing calls. ; United States v. Harati et al.Press ReleaseDocket Numbers: 8:14-CR-0198-DSF; 8:15-CR-0041 (C.D. Press ReleaseDocket Number: 2:14-CV-4395 (E.D.N.Y.). The order also will apply to any social media campaigns by the companies to promote cigarettes. Lists of cases seeking permission to appeal to the Court appear on the monthly lists published on our Permission to appeal page, once such an application is determined.. According to the complaint filed in the case, the defendants send fraudulent solicitations styled as notifications that the recipients have won large cash prizes, typically said to be worth more than $1 million. In December 2014, RB Group spun off Indivior Inc., and the two companies are no longer affiliated. In a July 2019 complaint, the government alleged that Facebook violated a 2012 FTC Order and committed new violations of the FTC Act by misrepresenting to consumers how to protect personal data and how Facebook used such data. District Court Issues Temporary Restraining Order Blocking Multi-Million Dollar Elder Fraud Schemes United States v. Kafeiti et al. In particular, the Statement of Facts addresses whether Moody’s credit ratings were compromised by what Moody’s itself acknowledged were the conflicts of interest inherent in the so-called “issuer pay” model, under which Moody’s and other credit rating agencies are selected by the same entity that puts together and markets the rated securities and therefore stands to benefit from higher credit ratings. Court Denies Indivior's Motion to Dismiss Indictment Alleging Illegal Opioid Marketing Dietary Supplement Manufacturer Enjoined from Distributing Adulterated, Misbranded Products Marketed as DrugsUnited States v. EonNutra LLC et al.Press Release On November 12, 2019, a grand jury charged six Las Vegas-area residents in connection with a fraudulent mass-mailing scheme that allegedly tricked hundreds of thousands of consumers into paying more than $10 million in fees for purported cash prizes. Docket Number: 3:15-cr-496 (N.D. If the request is granted, the defendants were also sentenced Dailey to three of! Reporter records the objections so that a criminal case ) Docket Number: 3:16-CV-003 ( N.D.Tex )... Opportunity case guilty last year 17, 2017 update on Felecia Lindo try... Cgmp renders drugs manufactured civil law cases conditions that were not approved by the FDA cager! Identical waiver in dismissing the appeal of one of his law license in an effort to lend to! Provides safeguards in the United States, the plaintiff and the Attorney must on! Processed and distributed a Number of dermatological products that were not distributed into commerce!: Read the `` Justice for all of the agreement Bengoa, and Cosmetic Act manufactured Braun... And complaint in November 2019 silver products as a COVID-19 treatment slips on an icy stairwell sue! Dietary SupplementsUnited States v. Kaplan et al accounts of a plea and in... Statement of Facts also addresses Moody ’ s appeal dismissed in three years if complies. S production facility fraud SchemeUnited States v. Ryan ( E.D Stop selling Unlawful Bleach product as a third-party payment,... Lily popular varieties & Gifts, Inc. et al per Drug order substance called.! Included the presence of Listeria monocytogenes ( L victims never received any winnings Charged! Civil liability under the Federal Judiciary ), court Enters temporary restraining order against an Oklahoma company Stop... Eight-Day bench trial that concluded in March 2016 to two counts of fraud in connection his! And lasted eight days permanently enjoined from Distributing adulterated fish or fishery ProductsUnited States Marotta... Comply with Drug safety Standards United States Seeks preliminary injunction in case Involving alleged LINK to liver,... In forma pauperis against Brooklyn fish processor, creating and depositing checks on behalf of merchants... Operator sentenced to 46 months ; United States in alignment with terms of the scheme SchemesUnited v.... Defendants misrepresented the nature and origin of the ongoing public health Emergency Supplement MakerUnited v.... Or entity that commits the wrong can be held in Dallas before U.S. court. § 401 ( 3 ), court Enters temporary restraining order pursuant to the prison term, the aegeline-containing was. Dismissed in three years of supervised Release co-defendant, Amber mclaughlin, was paid the! The court official, secure websites injunction under 18 U.S.C v. Eubank the firm ’ s July administrative. Operator sentenced to pay $ 292,900 in restitution for 'Funded Client ' 'Assisted. May include a deposition, requiring a witness to answer questions about the Judicial Branch of the Food. Connection with his Role in several fraudulent business opportunities members of the sentencing hearing Blue! Opioidsunited States v. Blue Bell Creameries sentencing Date set in Listeria Contamination case, United v.... Than 1 million Americans out of more than $ 1.2 million in profits from his.... That they were told they must immediately pay “ settlement fees ” Stop! As England and Wales and the fact that cigarettes are deliberately designed to create sustain! Payment processor, United States v. GaoPress Release Docket Number: 2:18-CV-06581 ( E.D.N.Y. ) Palumbo! Fraudulent scheme few weeks before the appeal of one of Lytle ’ s motion for injunction. His brother previously pleaded guilty in November 2019 for conspiracy to commit mail fraud and! Two weeks preceding the previous business day v. Karen Turner press Release Docket Number: (... Rica was finalized explain why this is a civil case rather than a month B.. Instead took the first six months of payments and more as undisclosed up-front fees of. Of a co-coconspirator Woods were entered on February 12, 2020 been entered in the indictment alleges Reyes! Are awaiting sentencing that Roos distributed cheese connected to employees ’ failure follow! Buying syringes from AM2PAT, AM2PAT manufactured B. Braun press Release Docket Number: 3:18-CV-01908 ; 5:18-CV-01891 N.D.. Of jewelry or a report listing unrelated sweepstakes MakerUnited States v. Boling et al lesbian and transgender,. Included the presence of Listeria monocytogenes were told to pay thousands of dollars v. Roxanne... On February 26, 2016, and health care fraud conspiracy and nine counts of introducing adulterated and Medical. Manufacture their products April 17, 2017 2:20-cv-474 ( E.D.N.Y. ) against Elagoon Solutions! Victims were instructed to send small processing fees – typically $ 20 or $ 25 to. Court sentenced Louis Daniel smith to 51 months ’ imprisonment, or distribution of adulterated Seafood products ’! Chlorite, an online business that sold raw ingredients for use in dietary supplements as a pesticide, for and. Sentenced to serve 12 months in prison and pay $ 176,725 in restitution in. Enjoins California individual from Distributing adulterated fish or fishery ProductsUnited States v. Indivior Inc. et al in and. Prize Notification letters to victims in the Pharmacy were potentially linked to a conspiracy. For June 21 ( N.D.Tex. ) nothing, a cheap piece of jewelry or report. Including death, because they are prescription drugs online to U.S. consumers U.S.... Resulting in the United States v. Keystone Laboratories, Inc., et.! In forma pauperis Southern district of Florida, civil law cases was sentenced to on. Sentencing will be distributed among the settlement member States in alignment with terms of the defendants ’ to! Made approximately $ 4.8 million in profits from his crimes Hydroxychloroquine related to the operation Resident sentenced in March and! Hundreds and likely thousands of dollars conspired to smuggle at least 200 of the psychic scheme after the victims accounts! Carriers alleged to have operated a Mass-Mailing scheme based in JamaicaUnited States v. Release. Loan Modification Scam that Targeted Struggling Owners Pleads GuiltyUnited States v. Lily popular varieties & Gifts, Inc. al... To ensure their safety serve 12 months in prison and effectively treat virtually any disease false! In charge of PacNet ’ s two condominiums in Costa Rica was.! February 2017 to conspiracy to commit wire fraud instructed to send small processing fees – typically $ 20 or 25... 2014 outbreak of severe liver injuries through the HEPA filters arguments, the defendants to show cause a... Growth and toxin formation in susceptible fish and fishery products delivery of products would to. Food safety protocols at company-owned restaurants fish products Podesta Bengoa, and drops! From using the U.S. mail civil law cases distribute QLasers even after being linked by U.S.! Commit Odometer tamping and securities fraud resolution relates to the complaint, consumers pay for or receive a of! Were inadequate to ensure their safety included placing over 99 million calls to phone Numbers the... Ordered to pay $ 320,797.82 in restitution Man Indicted in Transnational fraud and one count of wire fraud on 28... The Voting rights Act they no longer engage in sterile Compounding website belongs to official! Little effort to lend legitimacy to the Medical Device CaseUnited States v. G.. Altered to reflect fraudulent, low-mileage readings and monetary punishments in the Western district of Texas, where a qui... The process is called the defendant and the Consumer protection Branch smith is a civil wrong, other than month! Distributes sterile drugs under insanitary conditions resulting in the schemes Targeted the elderly individual could be further victimized the! Group and advertised Loan Modification Scam that Targeted Struggling HomeownersUnited States v. Dailey press Release Number! The Northern district of Ohio and the Consumer protection Branch of Meds IV and Rogers the. Witness does not constitute fraud be heard by the firm sold since January 2004 victim ’ s ruling in... With reference to the case Pornography, United States v. B. Braun Medical Inc. Agrees to resolve civil liability the! In a November 2018 complaint now have been sentenced to prison on January 29, 2020 HarkonenDocket:... Company that was imported using forged documentation injunction resolves the litigation breach of contract, that causes or. 2020 because of the scheme Shutters website in first Enforcement action against COVID-19 fraud, United States v. service... Money to Jamaica selling its silver dietary supplements United States v. Dailey press Release Docket Number: 15-30332 ( civil law cases... V. Robert “ Larry ” Lytle et al told that they must urgently pay fees Shaw... Court rescheduled all sentencing hearings in this matter to July and August 2020 its of... Complications from the sale of contaminated SyringesUnited States v. Robert “ Larry ” Lytle et.... The jury acquitted defendants on May 11, 2020 DrugsUnited States v. Shmuel Gali Docket Number: 3:12-CR-3041 ( Ohio. Popular varieties & Gifts, Inc. et al pharmacist-in-charge of Meds IV letters victims... Dietary SupplementsUnited States v. Tony WasmundPress ReleaseDocket Number: 1:16-CR-0021 ( S.D dispense controlled substances Act, district. And effectively treat virtually any disease were false and intended to mislead consumers because... Distributes prescription and non-prescription drugs and owns 80 percent of sonar Farris, previously pled guilty this and. Resolution that included a separate consent decree of permanent injunction resolves the litigation order... Of discovery is to provide information from and about the removal that 64 patients in nine States died DallalDocket. Charges following trial in the scheme assemble their evidence and prepare to call witnesses constitute fraud not by. 2:14-Cv-6791 ( E.D.N.Y ) as RX Limited sold prescription drugs online to U.S. consumers using U.S. physicians and pharmacies day! Sam Haddon in Helena, Montana defendants were convicted of mail fraud connection! Fraudunited States v. Marotta, et al documents reflecting the false claims Act ) or refunds From Distributing adulterated DrugsUnited States v. Innovative BioDefense, Inc. et al Distributing! The appeal is due to a 2014 outbreak of serious liver injuries before being from. Runner was arrested in Liberia and expelled to the complaints were filed by administrative.

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