Title Services

At Structure Title Services, we work quickly and efficiently to provide a satisfactory service to our clients. After receiving a title order request, we order the title search. Usually, we receive the information from the title search within 24-48 hours.
Thereafter, a ‘Lien Search’ is conducted. A lien is a creditor’s right to keep a property that belongs to another person until debts are paid. A property must be cleared of all such liabilities for a title to be clear. Based on the Lien Search results we will take the necessary steps and will work to ensure that a title is clear of all liabilities before proceeding further.
We work on a mutual understanding with each of our clients. We believe in keeping all parties informed of the search findings and other documents. As a result of this we conduct a ‘HUD’; where we let the client review all of the information and documents before closing. During the entire process we will work with you and keep you informed. We will work diligently and efficiently to your satisfaction. We are always a call away. Please call us at 954-509-3752 for more information.